Natural Visions
A deck of 50 Oracle Cards art by Lori Barker
words by Barbara Jones $20
Explore nature’s visions through a tapestry of images, exercises and inspirations. The cards echo the colors and energy which surrounds nature.
The cards may trigger a spark or direction for your day. Some will verify that you are on the correct path while others will have you rethink a decision.
guided thoughts through nature’s views.
A deck of 50 Oracle Cards by Lori Barker $20
The word Buddha simply means the awakened one. This is so apropos since Lori Barker was awakened one morning with the message to create a deck featuring the Buddha. 

This deck is a collection of Tibet’s Dalai Lama’s wisdom on a wide range of topics and is an inspirational companion for anyone. 

Whispering Wings
A deck of 50 Oracle Cards by Lori Barker $20
This deck is a collection of my original photography of cemetery statuary taken on ‘angel hunts’ throughout the country.
I have always loved photography and the manipulation of images. Many times my original photos are layered 2 or 3 times, creating the mysterious and unexpected. Starting with the completed photo, I’m guided to match it with just the right message I’ve been given.

Blossoming Affirmations
A deck of 50 by Lori Barker $20
Flowers carry powerful energy and messages for us all. Enter a realm of natural beauty and color with this deck of my original flower photography. 
Starting with the completed photo, I’m guided to match it with just the right affirmation.
All Card Decks Come With A Sheer Pouch
Seeking Within a deck of 50 large cards $25
Art by Lori Barker and words by Paula Bush

The cards include 4 areas of life's offerings and experiences:
Intrinsic Gifts that are yours at birth.
Archetypes or part of ourselves that we grow into or become awakened.
Life's Challenges we face
Life's Tools that you may acquire during your life to assist you. 

These are available on my Etsy site
In This Moment is a 50-card deck you can read intuitively through the symbolism of the artwork. Although there are no words, the images are for you to interpret for you to become your own story teller.
Allow your intuition to lead you to those aspects of the card’s images that you resonate with and to which you feel emotionally connected.
Pathways, Affirming Your Direction: This deck of 50 cards is rich with potential information through the written words and Lori’s original images that demonstrate the untapped power of intuition. The cards are designed to open you up to a magical world of new possibilities. 
We all get stuck sometimes. We fall into habits, even those that don’t benefit us. When it happens we often just need a gentle reminder to push forward, let go, and make new choices. Change is constant.
designing visions in mixed media

These are available on my Etsy site
THE OPENING: The wisdom of Rumi on grief through love

Rumi speaks a sacred language that we can understand with our hearts rather than our minds. His poetry shows us that our heart is the ultimate gateway to Divine Union and Oneness.
The cards are designed to encourage us in positive ways and to develop peace from within. I hope that Rumi’s poetic wisdom and my artwork will help you gain access to the true nature of your sorrows for greater insights and deeper self-listening to identify and trust your experiences of grief.